Friday, December 12, 2014

Movie Poster Promo

In G.T we have a new project that has been assigned, which is creating a movie trailer and accompanying
it with a movie poster. After collaborating with my amazing team we came to a conclusion and decided to name our movie trailer, "Letters To John". The main characters in the poster above are Andrea (myself) and John (Gabe Sifuentes). In my movie poster, I have us sitting on a dock; which was one of Andrea and John's favorite place to be together. In this I have faded Gabe's body. This symbolizes how John has disappeared out of Andrea's life and how she is left alone to handle with the hardship.

Included in my poster is also the movie title, reviews, the media production, characters names, and a brief synopsis. We titled our movie, "Letters To John" because it is the main idea of what our story is about. Andrea is stranded in her own perfect world when her boyfriend suddenly goes missing. She is relieved when she finally gets a letter from him telling her that he's okay. With that message, she decides to send letter after letter to John and helps him with his depression. I also included, "A story about persistence, love, and courage" which is giving a little hint and an attention grabber to the audience. Oh, and one more thing; the reviews! I added reviews from movie critics around the world to show my audience of what some experts think of the movie.

To add interest to our text, we were taught about kerning. Kerning is used to space out words or letters and also has the ability to make a phrase, sentence or word more eye catching and intriguing. This technique is not only interesting but it also makes words easier to read. Kerning can be used in movie posters or anything that you want... you could even use it in an essay's title. Kerning is very helpful, for example, if you have a sentence and the color, size, and font is perfect but the words are over-lapping each other or squished, kerning spaces the words and/or letters out for you.

The layer effects and filters I used in my poster had numerous effects on the over-all feeling and final product. For example, I made the background darker than the main characters because I wanted Andrea and John to be the main focus. I also made John a little faded to represent that he is not in Andrea's life at the moment. In addition, I tried to stick with two colors for the text so it wouldn't be too overwhelming but I also added some effects on the text to make them a little more noticeable than before.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Visual Literacy

During the second quarter in our seventh period class, we were given a amazing project to complete. Mrs. Sanderl, the art teacher, introduced us to an inspiring art form; book folding. Book folding is when you come up with a word of your choice, choose a font, print the word out on a template, and then start folding away. Trust me, it's a very complicated process. At first I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, but I soon came to realize that I may have to restart a few times. We got inspired to do this project from a man named, Isaac Salazar. This American book artist, reuses books that are going to be disposed or are not in use and later turns them into a work of art. Visual Literacy is the ability to receive  meaning through an image and is the belief that meaning can be produced through reading. This project is an example of Visual Literacy because after the individual picks a meaningful word, image or number, it forces thought and interest upon the viewers mind.

With this opportunity, I decided to fold a book that read "Sing". I chose this word because I have been singing for as long as I can remember and I just simply love to sing. The font I incoorperated, I believe really matched my word. It's a simple font, but it also has a special flow to it that really went well with my word. Singing has a flow of melody, words, and meaning. Singing does not only help me but I know how it also connects to a lot of other people; I wanted my word to have a special meaning not only to me but also to others. For the book, I folded around 337 pages.

I believe my book turned out pretty good and I'm inspired to create a new one. Although I was quite satisfied with the result, I noticed that the I and N were a little smaller than the S and G, so it was a little difficult to read it. If I were to do this project again, I would probably fold the pages more accurately and I would also choose a image next time. Even though there was a lot of frusteration during the process of folding, I had fun and I'm sure that people will want to inspire others to do the same.