Friday, February 7, 2014

Practice Story Reflection

For this project my classmates and I had to brake-up into groups of 3 to 4 and think of an inspiring or interesting interview story. Before filming all groups had to decide on a topic, my groups topic was, "Lele loves to sing", this video would show my passion for singing. My group members were Lilio Masi, Loren Weiner, and Hershel Weiner. We all had one day to film our B-roll and one day to film our interview, and another two days were given to record a voice-over, complete our transcripts and edit our interviews. This project was constructed in Final Cut Pro X.

Some things that I believe my group and I could have done better was planning ahead of time and I believe if we all had set jobs we could have prevented last minute edits. Also when we had the time to film our B-roll, we should've came up with more "scenes" to compliment our video. But over-all I think my group and I worked together well and accomplished what was needed to be completed.

From this practice story my group and I now know what we can do better for our final interview project. For our next story, we will be more prepared, we will also plan ahead of time and we will work together as a team!