Friday, June 5, 2015

Music Videos Rock!

Wow! Our last project this year :( To end our school year with some extra fun, all G.T. classes made MUSIC VIDEOS! Making this was a blast and was the most memorable project for me this year, my teammates and I really grew closer and bonded. I am so thankful for the members in my group (Brooke, Lilio, Noa) and how much everyone contributed. Forst off, I think that we all had an equal amount of  spotlight time throughout the video as well as lip-syncs. In addition, we all planned, filmed, and edited together.

 Above is an imgae of me editing as well as Noa being a spectator
 I think that the part the audience will enjoy the most is probably the humorous parts of the video. I feel this way because, our audience is middle schoolers and they usually value humor over anything else. Throughout our video, most of the humor is portrayed when Noa tries to sneak in and disturb us girls trying to have fun. In our music video, we also included bloopers which also added a lot of humor into it as well. (It showed some behind the scenes of frustration, laughs, and some real friendship)
Here is a picture of Noa, Brooke, and I editing and making sure everything is all good
As I said before, our music video is our final project this year, therefore, we had to try our best to showcase everything we've learned over this school year. This is my second year in the G.T. program and this is a way to create a high quality video as well as to just have fun making our last project at Kapa'a Middle School. To make this video great, we all had to edit very precisely because we had to make sure each and every lip-sync and dance matched with the audio. Also, we used many effects and also tried to incoorperate some interesting and creative shots/anlges to add to our video. This has been such a great last year at KMS, thank you Mr.Sanderl for all you have done for me!

Lyrical Livelihood

Our final project for Mr. Sanderls G.T. class, is to produce a music video. I am saddened at the thought that this is going to be my last G.T. project, here at Kapa'a Middle School. But, anyways when I think about music and a song with special/meaningful lyrics I become overwhelmed with joy. Although most songs I listen to make me laugh, dance, and smile, some of my favorite songs make me a little sad due to it's very meanigful words.

After contemplating for some time, my teammates (Brooke, Lilio, Noa) and I, decided to incorporate two songs in our music video. We first start off with a song called, "Watch Me," by Silento which is a fun and catchy song. Then once the audience is in the groove, we plan on putting a sound effect of a scratched record and the next song, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," by Cyndi Lauper, will begin to play. We chose this song because it is super catchy, we could make a story out of the meaningful lyrics, and hey, it's true... girls just want to have fun! Pretty much all great music videos have a story to it and it's very important that the story is also entertaining to the audience. Now having our song chosen, it was time for us to come up with that entertainging story.

Above is a portion of our music video production plan 

My teamates and I decided that since our team is made up of three girls and one boy, we should show us girls having fun in different places and have Noa try to come in and have fun with us... but we won't let that happen! For example, Brooke, Lilio, and I will be dancing and Noa tries to come in and do the same, but all of us will push him away. Another example is, in the beginning we will show Noa dancing to his jam, "Watch Me," when all of a sudden the music changes and it goes to our song's audio and shows us girls. So throughout the song we will be displaying things such as the first example.