Monday, January 26, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

Towards the end of quarter two, we had the chance to venture off into the world of movies. We were assigned to come up with a story then to share it by making it into a movie trailer. After collaborating with my wonderful teammates; Brooke Kauo, Sydney Nice, and Wailana Makepa, we decided to make a trailer named, "Letters To John". Our movie trailer is about a girl and boy; Andrea and John. But everything goes downhill when Andrea's boyfriend suddenly goes missing. Andrea then visits her "safe haven" and gets the surprise of a lifetime. My contribution to our movie trailer project was doing some writing for our trailer plan, doing the second voice acting script (presenting Andrea's emotions on the situation), and acting as Andrea. Gabe Sifuentes and Maxwell Nice also helped and contributed to our video, so a very big thanks to them! (There's a little more information down below on our trailer plan)

Like all of our projects this year, there are requirements. That included a time limit; one minute and thirty seconds to two minutes and also a movie poster demonstrating our knowledge when working with Photoshop. We also had to include effects, foley, text layovers, dialogue, a voice acting script, and five scenes at the least. I believe my team and I meet all of the requirements because we stayed on task and over-all we were very organized. We also created 10 scenes.

During the class critique, our classmates had to assess our video on 3 categories. First audience, then creativity and lastly requirements. Our intended audience were first graders, so we rated each other on how the first graders could relate or the maturity of the video. Then to creativity, well that's kind of comprehensible. Lastly, the requirements. The last category was based on how well or how many requirements we completed. The three different levels were room for improvement, satisfactory, and above and beyond! Our team's results are below.

I was quite happy with my classmates critique on our final product! The majority of the votes for the audience category were "satisfactory", "above and beyond" for creativity, and also "above and beyond" for the requirements category. I most definitely agree with the results because it was a little mature for first graders and I also believe we deserved the "above and beyond" choice because we did have creativity and also meet all the requirements. After finishing our project, I have learned that it is very, very important to plan well ahead of time (I can't stress that enough haha) and to also be very organized. One more thing is, to always re-watch your footage, you never know, you may have to re-film. I really loved this project and I hope you enjoyed our video, "Letters to John".

We were team four