Thursday, May 15, 2014

Metamorphosis Animation

During the fourth quarter we were given the opportunity to create an animation video. Our video had to have a form of something morphing into something else. My team mates (Keegan, Lilio, Ku'umomi) and I decided to make a film that could bring awareness to many people about bullying. Our video also consisted of three different types of animation, stop-motion, claymation and digital art. Our first scene had Lilio playing as the bully and picking up an innocent flower, with this flower she starts to tear the petals from the stem and throws it to the ground. The next scene we had the flowers make their way down the stairs which Keegan (friend) picks up and begins to gently place the flower's petals in their rightful place. The flower is placed on top of the railing and starts sliding on top of it and then it "fly's" into the air and starts to morph into its human self (me). So with this story we had the flower representing a girl that was being bullied but a friend had her back and helped her "pick up her broken pieces".

I believe our finished product was pretty good; as it was our first time dealing with three types of animation. I think the best part of our video was the digital art because we got to make the scene more unique by getting to draw out the scene. One thing that my team and I could improve is our stop-motion because during the scenes that had stop-motion we didn't use a tripod which could have reduced our camera movement. In addition, stop-motion is used to make inanimate objects come to life or to make an object do something that they couldn't do normally. For example, instead of having our characters walk we could've made them fly or slide into the scene. But overall I think my team and I did a great job.