Sunday, October 5, 2014

Real World Report

Picture By: Getty Images

While searching for an interesting story I came upon the headline "Police Worry Over Copycat Attacks". This story was about an 18 year old man with wicked intentions, who had been one of the authorities many concerns for his connection to rigorous Islamic groups. Many authorities are keeping a watchful eye on the community. They have been forced to act in this behavior due an attack on two officers outside the Endeavour Hills station in Melbourne's western suburbs last Tuesday night. He planned to cut off their heads and post the gruesome images online. He was then shot after assaulting the two policemen; a Victorian police officer and an Australian Federal Police officer (AFP). Using a small knife he stabbed the AFP officer unfortunately in the face, neck and stomach. The Victorian officer was also stabbed in his arm. After his vicious actions, Numan Haider was shot by a single round, fired by the Victorian officer and later died.

My opinion on this topic is that I believe the police officer did have the right to shot the man because he assaulted the police officers first. Although I think this, I am still sadden at the thought that such a young man was killed. I think they did this because they didn't want anybody else in the community to get hurt or even killed again.

We should be well informed and aware on this subject because we don't know if more people have the same intentions or even worse. Also this was a human life that was killed and more people should be aware of this. One more thing about this event is more violent interactions can occur as well as terrorism.

Here is a little more information about this topic. Video By: "The West Australian"