Monday, August 18, 2014

The Experiment

Our very first project was called, "The Experiment", which we could do anything we wished to create in Photoshop. So with this opportunity I decided to make an appearing drawing of myself. With-in this process I first, took a picture of myself in Photo Both, then opened the picture in Photoshop, where I traced myself in different layers and slides to create the "magical" appearing picture. After I completed the tracing step, I colored in my school shirt to create a contrast of content effect. How is it contrast of content? Well, everything was back and white, where as my shirt was green.

Although this task was difficult, it was a great way to test my prior knowledge of Photoshop and the accurate steps to complete my project choice. Even though I had some trial and error, (by some I mean a lot), I think my finished project was pretty good.

My finished product

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School

I had such a wonderful summer filled with happiness, family and friends but now, it's back to school. So far my 8th grade school year is going great, I have amazing teachers, wonderful classes and fantastic friends. My favorite moment so far was being picked to be one of the two anchors for our daily KMS news. To get this job we had to participate in an interview with a couple of other classmates, so when I was chosen to be an anchor I was very excited and anxious of what laid ahead. Another exciting but scary moment was when we were given the mission to start a project in photoshop by ourselves, using our prior knowledge of photoshop, without asking questions. With this opportunity to create anything our heart desired, I decided to do an animation of myself appearing on the computer screen. By having this task we are practicing a couple of our GLO's; Self-Directed Learner, Complex Thinker and Effective Communicator.
My work in progress

My biggest challenge so far was remembering what tools and steps I had to do to complete our first project. Luckily I remembered where most tools were located and the correct order to finish things in. I will be successful this year by completing all given assignments, giving it my all, and staying positive throughout the year!