Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lessons Learned

So far this project is going quite well and we are producing great work. During this project my team and I are becoming well aware of how preparation is key when warned about a hurricane. I find it very interesting that we are getting feedback from people that actually experienced Hurricane Iniki. The stories just amaze me! From these stories I believe my team and I are going to be well prepared if a hurricane does happen to approach Kaua'i.

Our biggest challenge that we had to over come was editing our interviews and filming applicable
B-roll.  It took us quite some time to edit, due to filming seven interviews; when editing these interviews we had to cut out any mistakes including the little ones. So, when editing our interviews there were numerous cuts in them so we had to film lots of applicable b-roll. We didn't only need b-roll to cover the interviews but also for our voice-overs. So, my team and I are still planning to go out and film more. Most of our b-roll are pictures of the destruction from Hurricane Iniki and we need a little more video for our b-roll. We also took b-roll of the roads and places that were hit so it was pretty hard to keep the camera stable while traveling down bumpy roads.

I believe the most valuable part of the film making process was going out to the community and getting information from several different individuals and a wide range of age groups. I also loved getting to work and edit with my group because we got to work problems out together, get great ideas from one another, and got the work done by cooperating. I can't wait to finish and produce our final product


Friday, September 5, 2014

HikiNo Behind the Scenes

Our new project is to complete and produce a great video for Hiki No. My group; Lilio, Seth, Russel, Noa and I decided to compose a video about hurricanes, its negative affects, and how people should prepare for the worse. By doing this video, we are not only teaching others about this storm but we are learning as well. We decided to base our project on hurricanes because we wanted to raise awareness to everyone about how hurricanes can change your life. Fortunately we haven't been hit here on Kaua'i during this 2014 hurricane season, but we are all definitely keeping our eyes and ears open. We are trying to persuade people that this situation should be taken seriously; they should stay tuned in to their local weather announcement centers, prepare for the worse, and hope for the best!

 I believe my team and I are working very well together. But one thing I think we can improve upon is communicating with each other and planning more ahead of time. Although we are doing good as a team, I think we can work harder to make everything close to perfect! We all know that the only way we will stay productive and complete our task is by working together as one. A couple ways I can help my team is by trying to complete our pitch sheets during my free time, encourage my team to keep filming (You can never get too much footage), and I will also do my fair share through-out this project time.

While the camera is not rolling my team and I are editing our interviews, thinking of what we can improve on, and planning on what we can film next. Our interviews have gone very well along with our B-Roll. We have been transcribing our interviewee's comments; by doing so we are able to brainstorm about what B-Roll would go good with the replies. I love how we have five students in our group because we can all get great suggestions from one another and also learn how to overcome obstacles. Everyone in our group has their own special talent and is more then happy to share it with everyone; which has really helped us as a team. I hope you get the chance to tune in to HIKI NO, every thursday night at 9 to support schools from across the Hawaiian Islands, and I also hope you will get to see our video!