Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Animation Story

For our animation project, our focus statement is Keegan Bakes Perfection. We chose those words to represent our story because our main focus is how Keegan's doubt is stopping her from accomplishing things, like baking for example. In our story, Keegan wants to be a good friend and bake cupcakes for her friend's birthday party, but she quickly comes face to face with failure. But with practice, patience, and perseverance Keegan overcomes the challenge, and successfully finishes the task.  The cupcakes are meant to represent people's lives, as in we need to make mistakes in order to accomplish great things and power through and defeat any other challenges that lie ahead of us.

Above is a picture of April editing some images

The lesson our audience will learn from our story is that failure isn't always a bad thing... failure can have absolute great outcomes sometimes. But success will only come if you are patient, positive, and persevere through the challenge. We show this lesson by showing Keegan having trouble and doubtfulness in her abilities to be successful. Instead of giving up, she decides to try one last time and overcomes the challenge.

Here's Keegan animating a scene

Over-all, I think my teammates and I worked great together! One of our best moments (I believe) was when we were taking photos for a scene where Haley is overwhelmed with joy that Keegan baked cupcakes for her birthday. For this scene, Haley was to kind of jump on or push over Keegan in excitement. Another funny and good time was when Haley and Keegan were filming a voice-over, and made the funniest sounds! One of our worst times was probably when we had to turn in our two scene teaser. As in, we had a difficult time meeting the minimum time requirement and did not include voice-overs. But we soon got to work and completed all that was required. 

The making of our last scene

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Animation Outtakes

In GT, we are currently working on creating a "Tell Your Story" animation. My team mates for the project are Keegan, Haley, and April. Two fascinating things about Haley is, she is a great Taiko drummer and you can also find her singing all the time. April on the other-hand enjoys anime and reading mystery books. Lastly Keegan absolutely loves to bake and also is a pro when it comes to volleyball .

Animation... there are many forms of it; Stykz, clay formations, digital, whiteboard,  and many more. But the type of animation that you, along with numerous others probably know of, is stop-motion. Stop-motion is a form of animation that is used to make a subject(s) have the illusion of movement. To portray this illusion, you first take a still picture of your subject, then have the subject move a tad, take another picture, move once more, and take a picture again. You then repeat this until you have all the necessary images to form the movement. Now, you can put your images together in Photoshop, or another digital editor you'd like to work in. Another form of animation that you might hear often is a GIF. GIF stands for, Graphic Interchange Format, which is simply just a compressed file of your animation. If you'd like to see simple examples of a GIF, you can take a look at my two that I have created.

So for our project, "tell Your Story", all teams had to choose a story that happened to one of our teammates. As a couple days passed, we finally agreed to do a story about our fellow teammate, Keegan, who loves to bake. The focus of our story is, how one has to make a couple of mistakes to make (what they believe) is perfection. Also, with patience and perseverance comes great outcomes. We know that everyone has faced this a couple times or two and we believe that this would be a good representation on how to overcome it. So, we want to show that Keegan is trying to bake cupcakes for her friends birthday but she has reached a couple of bumps in the road, but after she doesn't give up and perseveres through her struggles, she accomplishes the task. The cupcakes are meant to represent people's lives as in we need to make mistakes if we want to be ready for any other challenges we may encounter. With that, we decided to name our animation, "Keegan Bakes Perfection".And by the way Keegan is actually a fantastic baker, but everyone knows that even professionals can make mistakes sometimes.