Monday, March 23, 2015

Typography Images

Our present project in G.T. is Typography. For those of you who don't know what typography is, I'm here to tell you. Typography is the style and appearance of print. But for our project, we are to create a typography portrait which is where we use the shape of a subject as the outline for words that describe the subject. This should leave the viewer thinking and awe struck. It can be used with images to make a lasting impact because it demonstrates an interesting work of art by incorporating both an image and inspiring words. For example, you could get a portrait of a well known person like Walter Disney and use his fascinating words of joy and wisdom or words that describe him.

When we were first introduced to this project, I must admit I was afraid of what the outcome would be. During the first two trials, although the steps seemed a little complicated at first, I received strategic instructions, watched easy-to-follow tutorials, and got help from neighbors, which made the images quite easy for me to complete. But for our last picture, I ran into little bumps in the road. I was completely over-thinking all of the steps to finish the picture, which made me go backwards. I had trouble with selecting my image due to the background, and also creating a brush for the words that I think describe me. But thanks to my very helpful neighbor, Lilio, I was able to over-come those bumps.

Above are my first photos, we all had to complete two examples. On the right, you will see my first finished image and on the left is my second. For our first photograph, our innovator product, we were to pick a famous innovator... as you can see, I choose Benjamin Franklin. For the text we were instructed to copy information off of our subjects biography. For our second image, we all got to choose a teacher to take a portrait of and interview, so we could create a typography image of them. The process of making this photo was interesting because we all got to learn a little more about our teachers. The teacher my group and I chose was, Mr. David Rohrs, Kapa'a Middle School's P.E. teacher. I am actually quite happy with my final product for our teacher image! Below is my final on our last required typography image. In my opinion, this was the most difficult image to create because unlike our other images, we had to create individual brushes for each word we choose to stamp over ourselves. In addition a lot of thought had to be put into the placement of every single word. Although it was a little difficult, I really like this one because it made me think of what words really do describe me and my life. I am quite pleased with my final product!